Former Secretary of State John Kerry and Rep. Thomas Massie sniped at every other Tuesday in the course of a House Oversight listening to on weather exchange, with the Kentucky Republican calling Kerry’s political technological know-how degree “a pseudoscience degree” and Kerry calling the hearing a “kangaroo committee.”
“This is just not a severe communication,” Kerry said whilst Massie asked what number of parts per million of CO2 have been in the surroundings for the duration of the Ice Age.

REP. THOMAS MASSIE: Let me read your declaration again to you: “Instead of convening a kangaroo court docket, the president might want to speak with the educated adults he as soon as depended on to fill his pinnacle country wide protection positions.”
It sounds like you are wondering the credentials of the president’s advisors? But i don’t assume we ought to query your credentials nowadays/ Isn’t it proper you have a technology diploma from Yale?
JOHN KERRY: Bachelor of Arts diploma.
MASSIE: Is it a political technology diploma?
KERRY: Yes, political technological know-how. My regret.
MASSIE: How do you get a bachelor of arts in a science?
KERRY: Well, it’s liberal arts schooling and degree — it’s a bachelor.
MASSIE: OK, so it’s now not genuinely technology. So, I think it’s really suitable that any person with a pseudoscience diploma is here pushing pseudoscience in the front of our committee these days.
KERRY: Are you extreme? I mean, that is sincerely severely going on right here?


MASSIE: You understand what? It is extreme. You’re calling the president’s cabinet a kangaroo court docket, is that severe?
KERRY: I’m no longer calling his cupboard a kangaroo courtroom,. I’m calling this committee he’s setting together a kangaroo committee.
MASSIE: Are you saying he doesn’t have educated adults there now?
KERRY: I don’t know who it has but, as it’s secret. Why might he must have a mystery evaluation of climate trade?
MASSIE: Let’s get returned to the science of it–
KERRY: But it is not technology. You’re no longer quoting technology.
MASSIE: Well, you’re the technological know-how expert. You were given the political technology diploma. Let me ask you this: What’s the consensus on elements in keeping with million of CO2 inside the ecosystem.
KERRY: About 406, 350 being the extent that scientists have said is risky.
MASSIE: 350 is dangerous. Wow. Are you conscious that since mammals have walked the planet, the average [atmospheric carbon dioxide] has been over 1,000 components in step with million?
KERRY: Yeah, but we weren’t strolling the planet… We now realize that definitively, at no point in the course of as a minimum the past 800,000 years, has atmospheric CO2 been as excessive as it’s far these days…
MASSIE: The motive you chose 800,000 years in the past is due to the fact for 2 hundred million years earlier than that, it turned into greater than it is nowadays.”
KERRY: Yeah, but there weren’t people. It changed into a one-of-a-kind global, parents. We didn’t have 7 billion human beings residing here.
MASSIE: So how’d it get to two,000 elements in keeping with million if we people weren’t right here?
KERRY: Because there had been all varieties of geological occasions going on on Earth–
MASSIE: Did geology forestall while we got on the planet?
KERRY: Mr. Chairman, that is simply no longer a serious verbal exchange.
MASSIE: Your testimony isn’t severe.

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