With SPM outcomes just released, the million-dollar question for over 400,000 college students is “What occurs subsequent?”
While SPM leavers and their mother and father weigh between the options of persevering with research, work, or maybe taking a year off, INTI International College Subang’s academic dean, Eric Lee Chan Yu shares an exciting take at the need (or lack) of a university diploma to succeed in life.
Shared all through his debut Tedx Talk, Lee set the stage for his topic, which stemmed from a communique that attending college changed into a waste of time, except it was for a technical or expert career requiring certification.
The large form of resources available through the Internet and the volumes of books to be had today is sparking new debate on the need and value of a tertiary qualification in this point in time, with virtual natives, or those termed Generation Z, without problems gaining access to know-how and data to increase themselves. For enterprising young people who’ve already grew to become their pastimes into corporations together with images, designing or promoting products online, a proper college degree won’t seem vital in building their entrepreneurial dreams.
In addressing an engaged institution of college college students, Lee highlighted some key factors that cannot be discovered from a YouTube video or a textbook. Among the top motives to pursue a college diploma, a university is a space for students to increase smooth competencies beyond the usual verbal exchange, collaboration, vital and creative thinking competencies we regularly pay attention approximately, as he alternatively stated “boss management” as one of the principal abilities to be gained in college.
“Consider your teachers like your practice bosses or even your clients due to the fact while you go out to paintings, you’ll come across all kinds. You have the best, the horrific, the dull, the venture drivers, the slave masters and so forth. The key is getting to know a way to manipulate them and college is the location to practice. These lecturers may be your mentors or even your friends subsequently.
“So take the best, the awful, the dull and so forth and learn to control their expectations. Always ask the right questions and don’t be scared of your teachers,” said Lee, who similarly elaborated at the factor by talking about the need to collaborate with distinctive departments and adapting to various requirements, expectancies and regulations, which are reflective of most running environments.
Secondly, he shared that the role of university changed into to offer a safe platform for college kids to strive, fail and be successful. During his communicate, he defined that university students aren’t expected to get matters right the primary time around and that college gives them the possibility to make errors, fail and study from them.
“You have among two to four years to make mistakes and fail on the numerous things you strive in college, both in class or in social activities. In college, these mistakes will handiest price you time or at worst, money. However, making the equal errors at paintings may cost a little you your job or maybe your career inside that enterprise.
“So make the most of this time to try everything and whatever which you would love to discover. As students, you have got greater time and freedom to make mistakes now in comparison to people who are already operating, due to the fact the margin of failure when you go out to paintings may be very small,” he cautioned.

Beyond that, university is deemed as a area for self-discovery. Drawing from his personal experiences as an academician, Lee shared how students must use their time at university to find out their strengths, weaknesses and obstacles. Through this journey of discovery, college students are capable of attain out to their academics or “practice bosses” to are trying to find recommendation and guidance.
Ultimately, the purpose to attend college and pursue a diploma is because it gives a safe area for ideas. Lee describes them as places to percentage thoughts with human beings from different backgrounds and special perspectives, supporting college students locate correct thoughts which can exchange the arena in small or innovative approaches.
Lee is going on to emphasize that thoughts want movement; consequently, setting them into exercise makes it possible for modifications to take place. He prices the likes of Steve Jobs, who credited Mac’s a couple of typefaces and fonts to having attended a calligraphy course at Reed College; Mark Zuckerberg, who created a cultural phenomenon through an idea advanced in his dormitory at Harvard with a set of buddies; or even Indonesian students who rallied collectively in 1998 and occupied the parliament, which caused former President Suharto stepping down from his position.
These are some of the many examples of individuals and organizations of students being empowered to make a distinction even while at university, and Lee emphasized how colleges paintings as an incubator for ideas to develop and increase in a safe surroundings.
“Ideas spark, increase and receive exposure through college golf equipment and societies, talks, workshops, in lecture rooms, and among organizations of friends and classmates. You study new approaches of seeing and doing matters which you might have never observed before. Exposure is key in experiencing one of a kind views and prepares you for the place of job where your surroundings is complete of various people with one-of-a-kind perspectives and thoughts,” Lee stated.
He also encouraged the young crowd of university college students to make the maximum in their time in university, to get out in their comfort zones, experiment, and unleash some thing outstanding inside them.
The academician has over 15 years of experience in schooling, having spent seven years studying and running within the US, where he graduated with an MA in Religion, in addition to a BA in Psychology and Religion (double degree) from the University of Iowa, US.
Lee’s communicate is featured on Tedx Talks, the authentic YouTube channel for Tedx with over 17 million subscribers and may be regarded here.

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