“Language is Wealth”

Immigrants convey a wealth of languages to the US, and when instructors fee those languages, youngsters research better – and anyone blessings, an MIT linguistics professor said at the College of Education’s spring symposium. “Now there’s clear popularity that scholars are better off while they could keep or learn a 2nd language,” stated Prof. Michel […]

From the archive: language learning as Britain joins the Common Market, 1973

As Britain edged in the direction of becoming a member of the Common Market in 1973 (Brentrance?), Marcelle Bernstein tested the upward thrust in language getting to know amongst business people, college students and ability travelers (‘Nation speaks unto state, but in what language?’, 23 April 1972). The statement that ‘most people over 21 analyzing […]

Learning a brand new language is now less complicated & inexpensive than ever

The internet has made the arena smaller than ever — or it’s as a minimum made speaking with people throughout the sea an awful lot simpler. The web has also made it simpler and less expensive to plot journeys to your dream locations: you may take hold of a less expensive price tag and fly […]

News about the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages

The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe published a new record at the application of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages (ECRML) inside the Republic of Serbia and the recommendations to the Serbian government. The Charter applies to Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Bunjevac, Croatian, Czech, German, Hungarian, Macedonian, Romani, Romanian, Ruthenian, Slovakian, […]

How Important Is Knowing a Foreign Language?

Have you ever studied a foreign language? Do you watch it’s nonetheless necessary to achieve this? Isn’t it clean to locate those who speak English in other countries in case you actually need to talk with someone? And aren’t there translation apps in your smartphone you may download besides? What is the value of knowing […]

To Bring Back Bilingual Ed, California Needs Teachers

Bilingual education is on its manner again in California. After decisively rejecting bilingual education in 1998, nation voters enthusiastically advocated its return in 2016. Educators are keen to provide extra bilingual instructions—and not simplest to lately arrived immigrants. Increasingly, English-speaking mother and father are also offered at the cognitive blessings of twin-immersion bilingual training for […]

Do You Speak My Language? You Should

In January, the Modern Language Association made an astounding declaration in The Chronicle of Higher Education: From 2013 to 2016, faculties across the USA cut 651 overseas language applications. French became the toughest hit, losing 129 applications, observed via Spanish with 118, German with 86 and Italian with fifty-six. Once those packages close, they are […]

Why Learn Another Language? Here’s Why

Re “Don’t Let Language Education Slip,” via Bénédicte de Montlaur (Op-Ed, March 27): Speaking and know-how another language, or numerous, opens doorways to worlds past and also deep within oneself. Knowing only a single language is not best a cultural quandary, but even more, a loss of access to different methods of concept and belief. […]

UK faculties are turning to overseas governments to fund languages

In Holly class, Matilda, elderly six, calls the sign in. “Ciao, Tyler,” she says. “Presente,” he replies. “Ciao, Arthur,” she says next. “Ciao, Maestra Matilda,” he says. The class collapses into giggles: Matilda is taking the register as a part of today’s Italian lesson. Her teacher, Stefania Cellini, allows the kids to matter allowed to […]

Learn Two New Languages with This Award-Winning Instruction

It’s been proven time and time once more that getting to know a new language is one of the first-rate things you can do with a view to keep your mind active and healthful—no longer to say the extra obvious truth that it makes touring in your favored overseas destinations ways extra enjoyable. But ways […]