A Q&A with Newly Published Creative Writing Alumnus, Poet

In a little extra than a month, Michael Garrigan ’19G achieved predominant desires. In May, he graduated along with his MA in English & Creative Writing, and in June, he posted his first chapbook. The concept for his chapbook, “What I Know [How to Do],” commenced with a poem he wrote in his capstone class […]

Twitter is writing new regulations whilst it may just put into effect existing ones

Last August, as it inched in the direction of banning Alex Jones from its platform, Twitter invited the New York Times to take a seat in on a meeting about why it was taking goodbye. It could later emerge that Jones had already violated the employer’s guidelines at the least seven instances, but CEO Jack […]

Program allows Valley instructors improve their skills via writing

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Close to 2 dozen instructors aside of the San Joaquin Valley Writing Program at Fresno State have comparable feelings of gratitude. “There are some of these humans right here, who have the identical motivation that’s to research,” said one trainer. And what they’re learning is a way to emerge as higher […]

Eastern Oregon University Writing Program Is Reborn — With Fishtrap’s Help

Oregon’s rural college and a storied Wallowa County writers’ retreat are teaming up to revive a degree software and go-pollinate every different’s programs. Eastern Oregon University, based totally in La Grande, has re-mounted its writing track, after a one-12 months hiatus. It signed a memorandum of understanding Wednesday at the Summer Fishtrap accumulating, so that […]

Why writing French is turning into (even) more complex – within the name of equality

Gender-inclusive phrases have become an increasing number of commonplace in France, and even as this might be an ache for language inexperienced persons, it could be a sign that the French are beginning to place the ‘égalité’ again into ‘Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité’. The row over sexism within the French language has been raging for decades […]

Works of Justice: On Writing in Prison

Works of Justice is an internet collection that functions content material connected to the PEN America Prison and Justice Writing Program, reflecting on the connection between writing and incarceration, and supplying tough conversations about criminal justice inside the United States. What risks do incarcerated writers face whilst their words tour past prison partitions? And how […]

Why College Writing Resources Are Critical to Students’ Success

You are a writer. While you could no longer have formerly taken into consideration giving yourself the title, it virtually applies. You write each day—from text messages to social media posts to emails. In reality, maximum students today write some distance more than they did a generation in the past. But the amount doesn’t continually […]

Inside the tale: writing the powerful girl international of Wentworth

One of the predominant concerns when growing an ongoing tv collection is its “story world”, made up using its area, human beings, themes, style, and tone. Central to this world is the placing, regarded in tv writing because the “hub” or “precinct”, which serves the need for the regular era of characters and storylines. Well-recognized […]