Indian Institute of Management-Visakhapatnam (IIM Vizag) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) at EFL University on sixth July 2019. The MoU turned into signed preserving in view the want of enhancing pleasant of schooling in which the institute ambitions to gain standards of global excellence in commonplace regions of studies and coaching. This MoU is said to together benefit both the parties.

The MoU become signed by using Prof. E. Suresh Kumar, Vice Chancellor, EFLU; and Prof. M. Chandrasekhar, Director, Indian Institute of Management, Vizag. Heads of both the institutions expressed mutual hobby in this initiative as its objectives to provide a promising educational growth for the scholars enrolling for the programs run by way of the institutes. The MoU turned into signed in Hyderabad geared toward mutual capacity-constructing and ability improvement.
The objective of the MoU

The MoU could be targeted on accomplishing requirements of global excellence in commonplace regions of studies and coaching that hobby both the parties. Prof Chandrasekhar (IIM-V) commented that “the MoU with EFLU is a step in the direction of enhancing regional partnership in skill upgradation and improvement, that’s a favored factor in creating a progressive surroundings for instructional increase” He also highlighted the contribution of IIM-V in this initiative, mentioning that ” IIM-V with its good-sized contribution in control research will offer publications to the students of EFLU”.

Adding to this, Prof Suresh was taken into consideration this MoU as a collaborative sign closer to mutual cooperation in capability-building. Apart from those perspectives, the Vice Chancellor of EFLU said that the MoU is a breakthrough to facilitate a together useful courting for IIM-V and EFL to explore realistic procedures in core disciplines and allied regions of understanding.
How will MoU benefit the candidates?

The MoU will hold take of the subsequent factors:

1. The MoU will increase the possibility to the EFL students pursuing overseas languages, to look at quick-term Management Courses of IIM-V.

2. It would additionally permit the EFL students to get access to international placements

three. For the students at IIM-V, the MoU will allow them to examine overseas languages consisting of Spanish, German, French, and so forth. Thru EFL University

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