Indore: Free Press and The Globalizers held a convention “Which u. S. A. Should I cross for Higher Education?” at Jal Sabhagrah, Indore, on Saturday. The conference aimed to suggest college students approximately their future picks and possibilities of building a career by studying overseas. More than three hundred students from New Digamber Public School, Prestige Public School, Delhi Public School, The Emerald Heights International School, and Choithram School North campus participated in the event and cleared their queries about analyzing abroad. The event turned into every other feather within the cap of Free Press which has been pioneering to attain out to the community by way of such panel discussions and events frequently.

Addressing the collection, Director, Free Press Group Abhishek Karnani stated, “Free Press has been attaining out to the community via diverse panel discussions, occasions, and meetings.” He cited extra than 20 such conferences have been organized within the final 12 months connecting people and solving their issues. “Students are vivid nowadays and ready to march in advance building a better global, but they don’t understand approximately worldwide possibilities,” Karnani stated. He talked about numerous difficulties confronted by way of students including monetary constraints, parental stress and lack of knowledge.

“There also are college students, who have money, zeal, and aptitude to get into pinnacle universities, but don’t realize which the right u. S. A. Is for them,” Karnani said. To remedy a majority of these issues, the conference turned into organized addressing doubts of college students. Karnani felicitated and welcomed chief guest of the event Varun Kapoor, Additional Director General of Police, Indore. Further, he additionally felicitated and welcomed Managing Director of Globalizer Prashant Hemnani. Karnani felicitated and welcomed special visitor Dhananjay Oakdale, Manager Marketing, Bank of Maharashtra. Chief visitor Varun Kapoor spoke approximately his reviews and raised the issue of cyber crime and drug abuse amongst young adults. Outstanding students of Globalizer, Nikita Parakh, and Tushar Nahata have been felicitated for buying complete-scholarships from distant places university.

I’d want to examine the ability for U.S. College students to take a look at abroad in Cyprus and discuss the relevance of college students and Study Abroad Advisors exploring Cyprus as an applicable and meaningful take a look at the overseas vacation spot.

First of all, let’s examine the ones perceived limitations to have a look at abroad in Cyprus.

1. Few Americans understand plenty approximately Cyprus.

– So what? Let’s research!

– maximum that do recognize about Cyprus love it

– Cyprus is a modern, thriving EU (European Union) us of a and has to be recognized with the aid of Americans

2. Because the first language in Cyprus is Greek, many American college students and Study Abroad Advisors would possibly incorrectly anticipate that unless college students are fluent in Modern Greek language, they might now not be able to look at at a Cypriot organization of better education.

– yes, the respectable language of Cyprus is Greek. However most of the population is multi-lingual and English is commonly spoken as a 2nd language

– the University of Nicosia makes use of English because the reliable language (expect within the School of Education) of education and management

– non-Greek talking college students can without difficulty navigate the university, the network and tour throughout Cyprus in English simplest

three. There are only a few schools and universities in Cyprus

– till 2008, there has been only one (1) college in Cyprus

– in 2008, 4 personal schools wherein awarded college-degree reputation through the Ministry of Education

– The University of Nicosia has hooked up over 25 years ago at the U.S. Higher schooling structure and capabilities academically and administratively parallel to maximum U.S. Universities.

Four. Cypriot establishments have not promoted themselves to the American take a look at overseas marketplace.

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