Gender-inclusive phrases have become an increasing number of commonplace in France, and even as this might be an ache for language inexperienced persons, it could be a sign that the French are beginning to place the ‘égalité’ again into ‘Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité’.

The row over sexism within the French language has been raging for decades however because the feminized variations of the professions (physician – chirurgienne, solicitor – advocate) are more and more common, it appears attitudes toward so-known as ‘inclusive writing’ may be converting too.

French grammar policies officially kingdom that masculine forms are used while describing a group that has as a minimum one guy, which means a set of ninety-nine women and one man would be called “heureux” – happy (inside the masculine shape).

However, activists argue that this represents the inherent sexism inside the French language and are pushing for greater ‘inclusive writing’, which could see the institution in the instance above referred to as “heureux.Euse.S”.

Increasingly this version of French is being used by French media, or even on legit files.

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