Can Hollywood’s TV Writers Survive Without Agents?

Five days into a international without marketers, many Hollywood writers might appear to be feeling simply first-class. “I love my agents, but the scenario is fucked, and it wishes to be fixed now,” stated one veteran TV show-runner I spoke to this week, who complained that retailers had been treating writers like children who don’t […]

Convicted rapist accused of writing threatening letter to prosecutor

A Booneville man who has been convicted of rape and plead responsible to writing threatening letters to two court docket officials, has once more been charged with terroristic threatening and harassment for a letter written to a prosecutor in his case. According to an arrest warrant affidavit John Christopher Parent, 32, allegedly wrote in a […]

Kit de Waal: ‘Writing’s very solitary – you do it due to the fact you need to discover readers’

When Kit de Waal’s first novel, My Name is Leon, was published to proper acclaim 3 years ago, she happened to mention in an interview how few writers from her sort of background there had been in Britain. That remark became – just like the ongoing debate about the absence of working-class voices in movie […]

Writing 131: Revival of Fishtrap College ignites pupil creativity

Thanks to chronic efforts from Fishtrap and Eastern Oregon University, Fishtrap College lower back after a several-yr hiatus to provide college credit for Writing 131, a innovative writing route for local high college students. Outside in their normal school hours, 9 high faculty students from Enterprise High School, Joseph Charter School, and Alternative Education committed […]

I Can’t Believe I’m Writing This Linux Article About Loving The Xfce Desktop Environment

Before I commenced my laptop Linux journey, I feared the command line. Now I’m getting to know to embrace it as a fast, bendy tool that offers you the energy to accomplish exactly what you need to do along with your computer. And considering that beginning my desktop Linux journey, I’ve had an aversion to […]


It’s counterintuitive, but on occasion, the fastest path to exquisite paintings involves taking the gradual street. Or at least this is the contention of many excellent writers who depend upon old-timey gear to provide the literature of postmodernity. As the biographer Robert Caro lately told the Wall Street Journal (paywall), he nonetheless writes first drafts longhand, completing […]

Writing Professor Rita Nezami Shapes Global Citizens

In a darkish live performance hall, Veronica Sih ’22 sat in disbelief as she heard Emmanuel Jal, a former South Sudanese child-soldier grew to become human rights activist, recount his lifestyles tale. “The concept of a seven-12 months antique wearing guns become beyond understandable,” remembers Sih. The testimonies she heard “seemed to be more becoming […]

Guest Post: Teaching Writing Around/To/Despite the AP English Language Exam

The Advanced Placement program’s name is based on its promise to supply university-stage curriculum to highschool college students. As a high college teacher with university coaching experience and a doctorate in American literature, teaching Advanced Placement English Language and Composition should be a herbal match. But I’ve struggled to balance making ready college students for […]